“Welcome to FashTime Coin, in the mission to turn Time into a fashion currency”

The FashTime Coin FTC brings the power and monetary value of time to social media users and brands in the fashion & lifestyle market.

The future is LIKE-FREE.

We see a stronger world connected through Time.

FashTime Coin App


Spend time on content you see in the FashTime Platform Ecosystem

Gain time on content you share in the FashTime Platform Ecosystem

Get rewarded with FTC each second you spend or gain

Convert your FTC into cash, discounts, free products & gift cards



Brands trade discounts & cash for engagement, conversion, ad and insights provided by FashTime: FT releases FTC. Meantime, FT fuels the system with FTC to ensure its functioning.


1 second of attention spent on content in the FT platform makes users earn 1 FTC. The FashTime Coin is allocated between the user creator (90%) and the user who spent time on the content (10%).


1 FTC is worth 0,002 euro or 0,0028% of discount. Users can exchange FTC for cash or discounts.

The first currency for the social media fashion market for attention
Time is Money
FashTime Coin Elon Musk

"I think we'll end up doing universal basic income, [...] it's going to be necessary"